Monthly Archives - January 2017

Key Design Features of ELLTA Conference

ELLTA envisages Conferences as spaces for “meaningful interactions” and networking – as means to engage face-to-face with the community of scholars. This is the most critical, significant and valued aspect of conferences, and adds a lot of value to the whole experience. Keeping in view the high significance that ELLA attaches to such interactions, these form the core of ELLTA Schedule. The conference, thus, offers a variety of innovative sessions that are interactive and provide social spaces for talk, networking, [...]

What technology can (not) change in learning?

Interactive Panel Discussion Theory of Learning, over the years, has moved from stimulus-response/ classical conditioning theories to context based theories such as actor network and cultural historical activity theories – a major shift from decontextualized to intensely context-oriented approaches. By implications, the conceptualization of context has also moved from an understanding of ‘context as a container’ to ‘context as co-evolving’ – context is not an impassive or detached container rather it is embedded, shaping and being shaped up simultaneously. This [...]

How to get most out of your participation in an academic conference?

There are more academic conferences in each discipline every year that you may attend. However, with increasing economic and work pressures, there is an enhanced need more than ever to get most out of your participation in any conference. The crux of the matter, therefore, is to ‘plan much earlier’. Paradoxically, one should plan for maximizing benefits rather than attempting to reduce cost. Based on the above mentioned guiding principle, there are some indicative suggestions. I do not think that [...]