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Conferences – As “Extended Curriculum”

Academic conferences have increasingly become a regular and important part of universities’ academic calendar. However, it is our general observation that by and large the potential of academic events (such as, conferences, seminars or policy dialogues) does not get fully exploited. Though the conferences generally are seen as a venue for knowledge sharing and learning, the possibilities of meaningful dialogue between formal spaces of learning (university courses and curricula) and Conferences remain marginalized and/ or sporadic. It seems that [...]

5-Step Model for Writing ‘Abstracts’ for Academic Conferences

Writing an abstract for a conference requires refined academic skills; however, abstract writing is often not taught or attended to separately in most of the university courses. With expanded possibilities to join and present at academic conferences, the usefulness of developing specific skills for abstract writing has increased. How ‘abstract’ is viewed commonly? Well, at least, three metaphors are quite common: Among these, the most common metaphors are – abstract as an ‘introduction to the paper’ or as a ‘summary [...]

Ideas Festival: Collaborative Research Projects

Synthesizing ELLTA Event, ‘Ideas Festival: Collaborative Research Projects’  ELLTA recently organised a Knowledge Event (July 10, 2015) to reflect on, synthesize and extend collaborations among ELLTA Community members in relation to promoting scholarly work in Asia. In this regard, the dominant ‘forms’ of collaboration among ELLTA Community, as indicated by participants, are listed below.  Nature of Collaborations so far: · Putting together Edited Book – collaborating with series editors and authors· Writing together/ contributing to edited books· Providing local hospitality/ facilitating local travel, communication or [...]